Navy Yard Shooter Dead, Police Looking For Second Shooter Still

The Navy Yard shooter is dead, but police are still on the look out for a potential second shooter.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, at least one of the Navy Yard shooters is “down” according to police.

The Navy Yard shooting in Washington started around 8:20 am, ending with four people killed and at least eight wounded. Snipers were lowed onto buildings and eventually the police spotted the Navy Yard shooter, taking him out.

Police have described the Navy Yard shooter as a “six foot tall black male adult.” No other information has been released about the identity of the Navy Yard shooter.

Reports of shots being fired from a second building remain unconfirmed. But police believe “there could be more than one shooter. That’s possible. We’re receiving conflicting reports.”

Most of the Navy Yard shooting occurred at the Sea Systems Command building. But after the first Navy Yard shooter died the shootings supposedly stopped.

Regardless, people are still searching for a potential Navy Yard second shooter. Helicopters are airlifting victims out of harm’s way and air traffic at Reagan International Airport is grounded. Even schools in the area are on lockdown just in case a second or third shooter finds their way out of the Washington Navy Yard.