Vanessa Lachey, Hubby Nick Celebrate Baby Camden’s First Birthday

Vanessa Lachey’s husband Nick hasn’t been busy reuniting with his 90s and 00s boy band mates in the past month, as the duo were busy celebrating baby Camden’s first birthday.

Doesn’t it seem like just a few weeks ago Vanessa Lachey was posting her sexy pregnant bikini pics on Instagram? A year has come and gone since the Lacheys welcomed their baby boy, and Mrs. Nick was honest about the party’s intent.

You ever wonder why people go all out for a baby’s first birthday with petting zoos and clowns, when the kid can barely manage solid food? Vanessa did too, and she told People that she and Nick didn’t even pretend to do kid stuff, since Camden’s still so little.

Lachey explains that Camden is starting to display likes and dislikes, but she expects that they’ll be more well received when he gets a little older — she told the mag:

“He loves to dance, he loves music… He loves the water — the pool, swimming, the beach — to the point that when we give him water and try to sign ‘Drink, drink,’ he literally puts his face in the cup and starts [acting] like he wants to go swimming.”

That theme carried through with beach balls and other pool themed paraphernalia, but not so much to swimming at the ‘do. Vanessa continued:

“But I won’t do a pool party for his first birthday ’cause I feel like we have the rest of his life to do pool parties. He’s 1, this one’s for Mom and Dad.”

Vanessa Lachey isn’t done party planning — in addition to Camden’s big first birthday shindig, she’s also getting Nick’s 40th going for November.