Robert De Niro Gets Love From Michelle Pfeiffer

Robert De Niro got a lot of love from co-star Michelle Pfeiffer in an interview they gave together on Fox411. The interview focused on their new movie, The Family, which hit local theaters this weekend.

The Family is set in a small French village where the more senior De Niro, an ex-mafia boss (of course!), moves to with his wife and children. The screenplay of the movie is gripping and the film has already seen some outstanding reviews by the critics.

The love from Pfeiffer to Robert De Niro came in the ten minute interview, which you can see below, when she told shared a little secret with him. A Secret she had kept for many years.

Pfeiffer said to De Niro: “I actually auditioned for Raging Bull, that was when I very first met you… did I ever tell you that?” She continued: “It was my very first interview ever, and my agent just sent me on it. It was like go have an experience, never thinking I would ever get the part, which of course I didn’t. But I always dreamed of working with him, so I was just very excited.”

De Niro remained cool calm and collected, as is fully expected from Hollywood’s favorite mob character. He responded that he was unaware that Pfieffer had auditioned for Raging Bull, a classic movie which was partly responsible for De Niro’s successful acting career.

He shared his personal thoughts in the interview about why he thinks gangster movies enjoy such continued success on the big screen and on television:

“It’s like the Westerns. It’s part of American folklore. Gangster movies, they go outside the limits the normal limits parameters of everyday living society so that makes them more interesting to watch and if you see it done in a real way it’s very interesting. It can also be done in more of a fantasy way, another way of doing it.”

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