NFL Profanity Penalty Targets Players Who Cuss Directly At Competitors

NFL officials are waging an all out war against profanity. During last weeks Seahawks-Panthers game referee’s had to constantly remind players about their use of cuss words. In one specific event referee’s even flagged Seattle’s K.J. Wright for mouthing a swear word at a Carolina player.

While Wright’s penalty was technically a taunting call the NFL Competition Committee chose to focus on “verbal abuse” caused by the action.

Speaking to ESPN League VP of officiating Dean Blandino revealed on Saturday that officials are attempting to stop “actions [verbal or otherwise] directed at an opponent.”

While NFL players are free to swear the NFL will not tolerate when those cuss words are specifically directed at a player.

Swearing was also a problem during the week one match between the New England Patriots and New York Jets.

NFL players are not allowed to taunt one another, celebrate for long-periods of time in the end zone or conduct any other acts of “unsportsmanlike conduct” which leads us to question what they can still do.

The National Football League continues to enact new rules and regulations on both offensive and defensive contact and many of those new rules are still constantly confusing fans and sometimes referees.

Do you think the NFL has gone too far in its fight against on-field player directed profanity?