Dan Stevens Will Be Watching ‘Downton Abbey’ From The US, In January

Dan Stevens might have left Downton Abbey last season, after the car accident heard around the world, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be following the period drama now that his Matthew Crawley is gone. He will do so from the US and like the rest of us will have to wait. Until January.

The handsome actor moved to the US after deciding to part ways from the show that made him an international star. The contract he signed with ITV1 to do the show was for three years and he did not renew for a fourth season. Hence the car accident that killed him.

Dan got a lot of hate on social media, especially Twitter, of which he was an avid user, and Facebook, where thousands left teary messages and some not so kind ones. But he publicly apologized for the way he left.

But none of this will prevent Dan Stevens from keeping tabs on what his former colleagues are up to when their characters return to American television in Downton Abbey Season 4.

“I have to wait until January like everybody else, and watch it on PBS, because I live in America now,” he said in an interview with New York magazine Vulture.

Dan Stevens moved to the US after he finished with Downton Abbey and had a stint on Broadway playing along Jessica Chastain in The Heiress. He is now pursuing a career in film on the other side of the pond.

No matter the public image on Dan’s shocking way of departing from the series, he is still close with many of the stars on the show, like Michelle Dockery, who said his death was a surprise to her as well.

Michelle related how she was watching the Christmas Special with her family and was left stunned by the way Dan Stevens left.

It has been widely known, that the script details are kept very tightly guarded by writer Julian Fellowes, Dan Stevens said in the past that he knew he had to disappear from the story, but did not know how it would happen.

He added he was also shocked at how they killed him off and couldn’t say anything until after the episode aired in the US.

Dan Stevens will be watching the continuing saga of Downton Abbey come January, when it premieres on PBS.