Hurricane Ingrid And Tropical Storm Manuel Kill 5 In Mexico

Five people in Mexico have died after two tropical storm systems hit opposite sides of the country.

Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel left a path of destruction as Ingrid claimed two lives and Manuel killed three people.

Ingrid struck in the Gulf of Mexico while Manuel targeted areas nestled along the Pacific Ocean.

News agency Notimex reported damage and collapsed roads in Mexico’s central state of San Luis Potosi. Authorities in the area evacuated residents in danger areas, moving them to more than 50 shelters in the region.

As the hurricane and tropical storms hit emergency crews distributed supplies in boats to areas that were impossible to reach by land. As water levels continued to rise riverside towns were left isolated from other areas.

According to the National Hurricane Center in the United States hurricane Ingrid is likely to dump 10 to 15 inches of rain over Mexico’s eastern region. In mountainous areas the weather center expects 25 inches of rain which will lead to possible mudslides in the heaviest hit areas.

Experts are also warning of flash floods which often follow tropical storms and hurricanes. The two storms have led to warnings of “dangerous storm surge” and “destructive waves.”

Ingrid has led to a hurricane warning for parts of Mexico’s Gulf coast. The storm has been estimated to reach warning areas on Monday.