Ohio Bus Crash Injures Over 30, Did Driver Nod Off? [Video]

Early Saturday an Ohio bus crash left dozens injured after flipping off the highway. A Greyhound bus carrying 51 passengers was heading to Detroit from Cincinnati along I-75 when it suddenly spun out of control. The vehicle flipped and landed on its side in a cornfield along the highway in Butler County, Ohio at 4 am.

According to Huffington Post at least 35 people were injured in the crash with no immediate deaths. Authorities say injuries range from minor to severe. All 35 were taken to nearby hospitals. Six discovered with severe injuries were rushed to hospitals via helicopter. The driver was among those injured, but his or her current condition is not known.

Officials at Greyhound have stated that the bus had just been inspected. They also say that the bus driver had 15 years of experience and was well-rested. However, one passenger says they saw the driver fall asleep at the wheel, Christian Science Monitor reports. This claim has yet to be verified.

Greyhound officials and authorities say there were be an investigation into the Ohio bus crash. A spokesperson for Greyhound says further details are being withheld from public statement until more details are revealed.

In recent times the Department of Transportation has taken some of the biggest steps to date to stop unsafe public transportation hazards. Last year 26 bus operators in the US were declared dangers to public safety and shut down. Inspections have doubled since 2005.

More details on the Ohio bus crash leaving dozens injured are expected to come out as the driver and other passengers are questioned.

[Image via Metro Transportation Library and Archive via photopin cc]