Colorado Flooding: Of ‘Biblical Proportions,’ Over 4,000 Evacuated

Colorado saw unprecedented flooding last week, since heavy rains began falling. The national Weather Service have said the flooding is of “biblical proportions.”

The flooding has affected residents from the eastern Rockies all the way west to Sterling, also moving south to Colorado Springs. The area worst affected is Boulder, which sits at the foot of the Rocky mountains.

Ashlee Herring from the Emergency Management office in Boulder said to reporters: “There’s so much water coming out of the canyon, it has to go somewhere, and unfortunately it’s coming into the city.”

Boulder Creek in Boulder County saw the emergency evacuation of more than 4,000 residents, according to the Colorado National Guard.

Federal aid as well as a permit for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assist with disaster relief for people affected by the Colorado flooding have already been approved by President Obama.

Gabrielle Boerkircher, a spokeswoman for Boulder County, spoke about the relief efforts: “We are all pretty much locked in Boulder right now. The main concern is keeping people off the roads. They need to stay safe at home.”

Three towns in the area have been totally cut off and remain isolated as a result of the flooding. They are, Lyons, Estes Park and Jamestown. This was caused by more than 11 inches of rain in just 24 hours, beating the state’s previous record.

As well as the huge inconvenience caused to local residents, sporting events have also been postponed.

The football game between Colorado and Fresno state has been cancelled. Chancellor Philip DiStefano released a statement to the media about the game’s cancellation:

”Even though the weather is improving, Boulder is still designated as a national emergency site. Our community is hurting…. This is not an appropriate time for us to hold a game that would put pressure on the community, both in terms of security/emergency personnel, but also in diverting attention from people in need.”

It remains to be seen what exact effect the Colorado flooding will have on the residents in the city. What is for sure is that a huge and costly clean up will need to be carried out in Boulder.