Colin Firth To Voice Paddington Bear In New Movie

Colin Firth is set to voice Paddington Bear in a new movie.

Firth, who won an Oscar for the movie The King’s Speech, will also lend his facial expressions to the iconic character.

According to the BBC, Firth said that animators will use his facial expressions to create Paddington Bear.

Firth said: “Every other character in the film will be real, live human beings… But the idea is that Paddington will have something of me in his DNA because I’m going to do some sessions wearing one of those helmets with cameras to capture my face muscles, and all that data will somehow be incorporated into Paddington.”

Firth said that he was a fan of the books as a kid and that he is excited to play the Paddington Bear in the new movie.

Firth added: “My agent called and said: ‘We’ve got this offer from London for you to be in a film about a Paddington Bear.’ And I said: ‘You mean the Paddington Bear?! I read the stories when I was little and I grew up with Paddington. I know all about his adventures and what mischief he got up to.”

The movie will also star Hugh Bonneville as Mr. Brown, Sally Hawkins as Mrs. Brown, and Nicole Kidman as an evil taxidermist.

Kidman’s character may be the villain of the film but Nicole insists that she has no hate for Paddington Bear. In fact, Kidman said that she “just had to do” the Paddington Bear movie.

The new movie is expected to hit theaters around Christmas next year.

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