Hugh Jackman ‘Wolverine’ Diet Inspired Co-Star Viola Davis For ‘Prisoners’

Remember how ripped Hugh Jackman looks in The Wolverine? Apparently his Prisoners co-star, Viola Davis followed the Jackman Wolverine diet to get ready for her role in the new drama.

The actress explains that she followed the “eight-hours Wolverine diet” that got Jackman in top shape,

“You eat for eight hours and you fast for 16. It’s a new diet thing, his Wolverine diet,” she said on September 12, according to Variety.

Hugh Jackman says that the diet worked for David,

“She overheard me in the makeup chair and about a month later she came to me and said, ‘I have done it and it really works.’ I have done it for the last two years. I’m finished and I don’t need to be on any diet but I am still doing it.”

Hugh Jackman talks about the main idea behind his diet and says the key is to eat anything you want, but only during the eight hours period allowed.

“Eat what you want, but not when you want.” Jackman explains.

Prisoners is a dark drama about the kidnapping of two young girls. Hugh Jackman plays one of the dads who takes matters into his own hands as he goes in desperate chase of the suspect he believes is holding his daughter.

Hugh Jackman says that despite the bleak topic the actors kept relaxed and in good humor.


Hugh Jackman Wolverine diet

“When you are working with actors like that, you know when it comes to it, they are there. So they are more relaxed, they know they can go there, those intense places. You can’t live in that intensity all the time. Relaxation is the only way you can get into that place.”

Paul Dano, who plays some of the darker scenes and agrees that it’s important to step away from the work at hand.

“These scenes in this film were so intense I would equate them to a fever dream. I don’t really remember it.” Dano explains.

Hugh Jackman star in Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Paul Dano, and Maria Bello.