January Jones Isn’t Dating Liam Hemsworth But Miley Cyrus May Be Dating Mike Will

Is January Jones dating Liam Hemsworth?

Rumors have been circulating that the Mad Men star has been sending sext messages to Miley Cyrus’ fiance. A rep for the actor denied the rumors today but that doesn’t mean that Liam and Miley are in a good place.

According to a new report, the “Wrecking Ball” singer may be cheating on her fiance with producer Mike WiLL.

But before we get to that let’s talk about January Jones and Liam Hemsworth.

Rumors about the two have been circulating for months and today Hemsworth’s rep finally responded. The rep said that it was “against policy” to comment on a client’s personal life but added that the rumor was so ridiculous that they had to say something.

The rep said:

“We officially never comment on his personal life, however we are breaking with tradition to set the record straight. The story of Liam Hemsworth and January Jones is entirely fabricated. There is no truth whatsoever to this tabloid fiction.”

OK, one rumor down one rumor to go. So what about Miley Cyrus and Mike WiLL?

Miley has been working with WiLL in the studio and the two have reportedly started seeing each other. Star Magazine reports that Cyrus and Will are “hooking up” and that they have made no attempt to cover up their romance.

miley cyrus

A source said: “Everyone knows they’re hooking up… Mike is very protective of Miley. It’s just understood that she’s off-limits… [They have] grown close after long hours spent in the studio… [They have made] no attempts to cover up their budding romance.”

The source also claims that Will is responsible for carving out Miley’s new persona. The former Disney star has built a scandalous reputation thanks to her twerking and naked “Wrecking Ball” video.

The source said: “[She has] been diving in head first with Mike. [He is responsible] for her drastic makeover from a Disney sweetheart to a raunchy party girl.”

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth haven’t officially called off their engagement yet but that could happen soon if any of the rumors are true. Do you think January Jones are really having an affair? What about Miley Cyrus and Mike Will?

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