American Jihadi Killed In Somalia

An American jihadi was killed in Somalia this week, reports claim. US-born Omar Hammami may have been killed by members of his own terrorist organization this week. Hammami is also known as Abu Mansur Al-Amriki or as “The American.”

NBC News reports that 29-year-old Hammami earned himself a spot on the FBI’s Most Wanted List that came with a $5 million bounty. Rising through the ranks of Somalia’s top militant group, al-Shabab, Hammami earned the attention of more than the FBI. He’s also gained some internet fame for posting videos on YouTube of himself rapping with anti-American lyrics.

Terrorism officials say that his quick rise through al-Shabab angered other leadership within the group. Hammami was also sometimes known to disobey his orders. In recent months, reports say Hammami came to blows with top al-Shabab leadership.

Huffington Post reports that al-Shabab has been eliminating members known to not cooperate with the group’s leadership. Authorities say the American jihadi killed in Somalia may have been part of this purge.

Witnesses say Hammami was killed in a hideout he was sharing with British man known as Usama al-Britani on Thursday. Well-armed men were seen to storm the complex, followed by a deadly gun fight.

There have been several times this year when reports of Hammami’s death made world headlines. These reports were later shown to be false. While this latest report of his death has not been absolutely proven, officials say they are highly confident reports are accurate this time.

Hammami was born in Daphne, Alabama. He left the US in 2006, eventually settling in Somalia to join al-Shabab. The militant group have previously declared their wishes to overthrow the Somali government. In 2012 the group announced a merger with Al Qaeda. This helped to bring them and Hammami to the attention of US intelligence.

Terrorism officials say that the American jihadi killed in Somalia may discourage Western jihadis from settling in Somalia. They believe Hammami’s death could also show militant groups the dangers of allowing Westerners into their ranks.

[Image via Sabahi]