iPhone 5S Review: New iPhone Consensus Says Apple Lacks Innovation

iPhone 5S reviews cannot be final until Apple delivers the new iPhone into our grubby hands, but so far the consensus seems to be that Apple messed up with the iPhone 5S.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, when you see the iPhone 5S compared to the iPhone 5, 5C, and iPhone 6 rumors the new iPhone doesn’t seem to offer that much of an improvement.

Apple announced the iPhone 5S with iOS 7, which seems to offer the majority of the software based changes. The iPhone 5S camera and photos apps improvements are nice additions alongside iWorks. But even then some people aren’t happy how the user interface is losing all the gloss and special effects, making the iPhone 5S look like it’s running Windows 8.

During the Apple Launch Event announcing the iPhone 5S we noticed the majority of our fellow journalists seemed to be quite negative about the iPhone 5S feature set. The iPhone 5S screen size was the same and many of the new features have been available for Android smartphones for quite a while. Sure, the iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint scanner is nice but they were looking for major innovation like promised with the iPhone 6 rumors. Even the iPhone 5S A7 CPU failed to wow since its 64 bit capabilities are useless without there being the need for more than 4GB of memory.

Wired reviews the Apple iPhone 5S by pointing to the lack of innovation:

“Much-hyped iPhone announcements from the tech giant did little to stop (Apple’s) year-long descent into stagnation. Though the faster, sleeker, more powerful phone is unarguably cool, the steps forward are still incremental. And incremental isn’t what the world expects from Apple.”

Other point out the iPhone 5S is a “me too” product, citing Apple CEO Tim Cook as being no Steve Jobs. When we did an iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S4 fight the consensus seemed to be the new iPhone lost the match. The Galaxy S4 just offers more features. But if you like iOS7 more than Android then you’re out of luck.

Overall, Apple iPhone 5S reviews seem fairly negative. Stuff feels Apple did provide some innovation with their iPhone 5S review but say, “We also wish it had done a fair bit more besides.” PC advisor says an older Android smartphone is a split decision on hardware specs alone, but their iPhone 5S review notes the A7 CPU “should” be significantly faster than the Snapdragon 600 CPU powering the other high end Android phones. But the Snapdragon 800 is right around the corner.

Do you agree with the iPhone 5S reviews that say Apple needs more innovation?