Blake Fielder-Civil Dumps Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse has been dumped! Are you surprised? I wasn't when I realized that Blake had had that sexy scandal with another woman in the slammer... and he was also searingly jealous of Amy when she was hanging out with Pete Doherty last year, so it was basically a mess through and through.

Who's the lucky (inject hysterical laughter here) woman? It's German model Sophie Schandorff, who is reaping the benefits of being linked with Blake but not much else. It looks like the two have a bit of a history, with Sophie claiming to be "best friends" with him long ago and also showing up at his hearings.

Amy's take on the whole thing is... weird. She's made it very clear that she really, really liked her sexy times with Blake, but added that "[...]it's not enough, is it?" She said "It's over" despite having the hots for him, and then her friends made us barf all over again with their details:

"And the pair of them were into some real kinky stuff, not just the usual bondage and sex games but really gross stuff you couldn't mention in a newspaper. Amy said that was the basis for their relationship. It was built on sex so when he went inside prison there was nothing for them to fall back on.

She's not been to see Blake since he came out and she's had loads of opportunities. Without their rampant sex life they've got nothing, it seems. Amy still cares about Blake and wants to help him through rehab but can't see any chance of them getting back together.

They were bad for each other, each pushing the other to excess, whether drugs or sex."

Before I even finished writing this article, Amy Winehouse's rep was denying that NOTW published direct quotes from Ames herself. Intrigue!