Luis Miguel Isn’t Paying Regular Child Support, Baby Mama Cries Foul

Luis Miguel is heading to court over his failure to pay child support. Telenovela star Aracely Arambula claims that her former boyfriend has failed to pay most money owed for their two children.

Miguel, 6, and Daniel, 4, moved from Beverly Hills to Mexico with their mother after the couple split three years ago.

Sources close to the former couple say Luis Miguel hasn’t seen his children in six months. They also claim that he isn’t paying regular child support.

Apparently Miguel gives Arambula money whenever he feels like it, and that lack of steady support has angered the Telenova star.

Luis Miguel is still performing regularly, which has led watchers to point out that money isn’t likely the issue.

The famed Spanish singer is currently performing shows at The Colosseum At Caesars Palace. Tickets for his show start at an insane $475 so we can safely assume that he isn’t hurting for Dinero.

At this time, Miguel’s reps have not been reachable for comment.

If we have learned one thing about Hollywood breakups, it’s that child support is often not paid out of greed, spite, or hubris, and that looks to be the case with Luis Miguel and Aracely Arambula.

Do you think child support offenders need to have more strict fines levied against them?