Baby Elaina: DNA Results Released

Baby Elaina disappeared on June 2 under unusual circumstances. The Toledo Police Department has now confirmed the 18-month-old is dead.

The Lucas County Coroner has not determined the cause of death. However, DNA testing confirmed Elaina Steinfurth’s identity.

Elaina’s remains were found inside a box, which was hidden in the rafters of a garage. The garage is located on property owned by the family of Steven King.

Elaina’s mother Angela was dating King at the time of her daughter’s disappearance.

On June 2, Elaina’s father T.J. Steinfurth went King’s home to pick up his daughter. He was informed that Baby Elaina disappeared while she was taking a nap.

Although several people were present in the home, they deny any knowledge of the toddler’s whereabouts.

As reported by HLN, Angela changed her story numerous times throughout the investigation. She initially stated that she and Elaina were both napping. She said, when she woke up, her daughter was gone.

Angela later told family members that when she woke from the nap, Elaina had a broken nose and a black eye. The toddler never received medical attention for the injuries.

Ten days after the disappearance, Angela was arrested for obstruction of official business. She maintains that she has no information about her daughter’s disappearance.

King was eventually arrested on similar charges.

Family, friends, and the community joined law enforcement in the search for the missing toddler. Angela Steinfurth and Steven King insisted that Elaina was kidnapped.

On September 5, King changed his story. As reported by People, he told police to look inside the garage.

Authorities responded to the King’s abandoned home. They eventually recovered a box containing human remains. The search for baby Elaina ended in tragedy.

Baby Elaina Press ReleaseOfficials have confirmed that the remains belong to baby Elaina. However, as the investigation continues, many questions are left unanswered.

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