Feral Pig Steals Beer, Picks Fight With A Cow

Melissa Stusinski - Author

Sep. 9 2013, Updated 2:02 p.m. ET

A feral pig stole beer from at least one campsite at Australia’s DeGrey River rest area, then proceeded to get drunk and pick a fight with an observing cow.

The pig has been wreaking havoc at the camp area east of Port Hedland for several days. Along with ransacking trash cans, the animal has also pilfered quite a few alcoholic beverages.

ABC News 24 reported the animal’s nefarious behavior, which was detailed by several campers. One witness, Merida, recalled that the feral pig attacked in the middle of the night.

The animal was spotted crunching away that a fellow camper’s beer cans. After that, it raided their trash can and moved on. Another camper reported seeing the (likely) drunk pig pick a fight with a cow, notes KRMG.

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But the much smaller animal didn’t have a chance. It was seen running around a camper’s vehicle, the angry bovine in hot pursuit. The pig eventually escaped by swimming across the river, where it made a bed in the hopes of sleeping it off.

Merida explained that the people camping on the river made their way across and crept up on the sleeping animal. She added, “It was sort of coming from there for a couple of days but we didn’t see it this morning or last night.”

While it was initially though that the pig stole a six-pack of beer, campers now believe the sneaky creature drank much more. Merida commented that “it was about 18 I believe it crunched.” No wonder its actions were so strange.

Main Roads spokeswoman Fionna Findley stated that officials are trying to find the beer-stealing pig. Unfortunately, they haven’t found it yet. Findley added, “Our guys aren’t equipped to contain or control these wild animals, especially under the influence.”

As for the victims of the beer-stealing pig? Findley added that they were more upset about their stolen beer than the feral pig being on the loose.

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