iPhone 6 Rumors: Beyond The Apple iPhone 5S, 5C Release Date

iPhone 6, 5S, and 5C rumors are flying left and right as the Apple iPhone 5S release date draws near.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C is rumored to offer several new features.

The current Apple iPhone 5S rumors say the release date will be around September 22 with Apple officially making an announcement on September 10. The iPhone 5S CPU is said to be around 31 percent faster. The iPhone 5S battery will be significantly larger mostly because the iPhone 5S screen size will be somewhere between four and 4.8 inches, giving extra room for a larger battery. The biggest news is the the Apple iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner, which will secure your iPhone 5S to unlock only for you.

Apple iPhone 6

In the lead up to the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C, we were not certain whether the next generation Apple iPhone would instead be called the iPhone 6. There have been many iPhone rumors and Apple leaks along the way. Apple is of course looking to the future of the iPhone so it's possible some of the past iPhone 5S rumors may in fact apply to the future iPhone 6. We will take a look at some of the most interesting iPhone 6 rumors.

iPhone 6 iOS Unified With Mac OS X

Over the long term unified operating systems are the wave of the future. The idea is to have a single smart device capable of being a smartwatch, smartphone, tablet, and computer all at once. Windows 8 is partially unified with its desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile versions of the same OS.

While the iPhone and iPad will both use iOS7, the Apple iPhone iOS is likely to unify with Mac OS X within the next several years, with most experts pointing to between 2014 and 2016. Based upon comments from Tim Cook, future iOS versions are likely to keep a user interface optimized for a mobile experience, but unifying iOS with Mac OS X would give portable devices access to a large library of Mac OS X apps.

Big Screen iPhone 6

As we've previously reported Apple is already testing big screen iPhone 6 smartphones. A variety of iPhone test models range in screen size from 4.8 to 6 inches. It's possible the regular iPhone 6 will be between 4 and 5 inches while a larger iPhone 6 would compete against the Samsung Galaxy Note.

iPhone 6 Flexible Screens

The iPhone 5 and 4 already use Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC). The iPhone 5S rumors say the screen uses the newest flexible screen technology, which is cheaper to manufacture. The iPhone 5S seems unlikely to be completely bendable, but it's possible the Apple iPhone 6 could have a certain "bounce" to its design.

iPhone 6 Virtual Keyboard Via Pico Projectors

One iPhone 5S concept phone used two pico projectors to put a virtual keyboard on any flat surface. The top and bottom were pulled out to activate this new iPhone 6 user interface. The other two pico projectors created a large screen on the wall. This big screen would use an interface similar to the iPad, but in future versions of the iPhone could run a Mac OS X interface. Other iPhone 6 rumors point to the possibility of a docking station which allows the iPhone 6 to be used to like a desktop computer by connecting the iPhone 6 to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

iPhone 6 Virtual Keyboard Projectors

iPhone 6 Release Date

It's possible Apple could surprise everyone tomorrow with an announcement of an iPhone 6 release date. But it's more likely the iPhone 5S release date will be the topic of tomorrow. Even back in 2012 experts believe the Apple iPhone 6 release date would be some time in 2014.

With the Apple iPhone 5S release date pending, will you buy the newest iPhone 5S or hold out until the iPhone 6 based upon the rumors?