iPhone 6 Rumors: Beyond The Apple iPhone 5S, 5C Release Date

Patrick Frye

iPhone 6, 5S, and 5C rumors are flying left and right as the Apple iPhone 5S release date draws near.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C is rumored to offer several new features.

The current Apple iPhone 5S rumors say the release date will be around September 22 with Apple officially making an announcement on September 10. The iPhone 5S CPU is said to be around 31 percent faster. The iPhone 5S battery will be significantly larger mostly because the iPhone 5S screen size will be somewhere between four and 4.8 inches, giving extra room for a larger battery. The biggest news is the the Apple iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner, which will secure your iPhone 5S to unlock only for you.

While the iPhone and iPad will both use iOS7, the Apple iPhone iOS is likely to unify with Mac OS X within the next several years, with most experts pointing to between 2014 and 2016. Based upon comments from Tim Cook, future iOS versions are likely to keep a user interface optimized for a mobile experience, but unifying iOS with Mac OS X would give portable devices access to a large library of Mac OS X apps.

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With the Apple iPhone 5S release date pending, will you buy the newest iPhone 5S or hold out until the iPhone 6 based upon the rumors?