iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Spotted In New Leaked Photos

Does the new iPhone have a fingerprint scanner? Rumors about the iPhone 5S have been swirling for months and one of the most mysterious aspects of the new phone may have been confirmed in some recent leaked photos.

The French website Nowhereelse.fr recently published a photo that reportedly shows cables beneath the iPhone5S’s home button. The flex cable is much more complicated than previous versions and that may be because of the new iPhone fingerprint scanner.

MacRumors writes: “The flex cable part is far more complex than that seen in the iPhone 5 or even the alleged iPhone 5S part leaked last month, containing a new square surface as well as several other components that may be related to fingerprint sensor functionality.”

This isn’t the first time that “proof” of an iPhone fingerprint scanner has been found by Apple detectives. Apple released the iOS 7 Beta software earlier this year and app developers found references to a fingerprint scanner in the code.

Apple fans will have to wait a few more weeks to find out if the rumors are true but it looks like the new iPhone is going to come with some futuristic security features. But that may not be a good thing.

Several people have complained that the fingerprint scanners are just another violation of our privacy.

What do you think? Are you hoping that the iPhone 5S has a fingerprint scanner?