iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Rumor Makes Some Worried About Privacy

The new iPhone will likely have a fingerprint scanner. The rumor has some people excited to see the iPhone 5s while others are a little worried about what data Apple will be able to mine with their new phones.

According to Yahoo News, Apple released a new version of the iOS 7 Beta software on Monday to app developers.

Blogs like 9to5Mac poured through the new information and found a folder called “biometrickitUI” in the code. The code also talks contains a section that talks about the user holding their thumb against the screen. The new iPhone fingerprint scanner will also “change color during the setup process.”

Apple isn’t expected to release the new phone until September so it will still be a few months before the iPhone fingerprint scanner is actually seen. In the meantime, we can debate whether it’s a feature that people actually want on their phones.

Several people have expressed dismay over the new feature saying that Apple already collects too much information.

Digital Trends notes that Apple is one of the companies that complies with NSA’s PRISM data collection program. This doesn’t mean that Apple is going to give away its customers literal fingerprints but people who are already paranoid about data collection aren’t going to appreciate the new scanners.

DT writes: “Maybe you’re okay with that; maybe you’re not. Regardless, it’s something to consider before blindly uploading one of your key bits of personal information into a corporation’s computer system – especially one with legal obligations to the United States government.”

The new iPhone fingerprint scanners could also pose a problem if the information is stored in the cloud? What could a thief do with millions of fingerprints at their disposal?

Or how about just one? It’s possible that burglars will start chopping off digits in order to access iPhones.

Sure, all of this is paranoia at the moment and Apple probably won’t see any backlash with their new phone. But the recent worry over the new scanners does show that people are becoming more guarded about their personal information.

Do you have a problem with the iPhone fingerprint scanner? Do you think people are getting more worried about privacy?