‘X-Men’: First Class Films May Loom On The Horizon

Some first class X-Men films may be waiting in the near future.

In the last remaining months before X-Men: Days of Future Past, one may wonder what the future holds for the series. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hugh Jackman has stated that Bryan Singer may be the only director who has ever improved a franchise as it went on, saying that the latest film will blow audiences away. Comic book fans might take the characters seen thus far into consideration to predict what may be coming next in the film franchise.

Seeing as there are no future plans yet, this would be a great time for speculation on where the series is heading.

The first prediction we have is based on the addition of Omar Sy as Bishop, a mutant from the future where mutants are regularly hunted down and captured if they don’t register with the government. His arch nemesis in the comics was Trevor Fitroy, or White Rook after he joined the Hellfire Club. Trevor Fitzroy had the power to steal life force from humans and use it to open time portals. Seeing as the Hellfire Club was already featured in X-Men: First Class, he would make a great main villain for the next film as we delve further into Bishop’s … past. This storyline might even open the door to a Civil War tie-in.

Another possibility involves Professor Xavier dying again, along with Magneto ending up in a coma, setting them up for Onslaught, a mutant villain created when Professor Xavier’s mind enters and merges with that of Magneto and ends up turning insane. We could see the return of what may appear to be Jean Grey, but it turns out to be Phoenix, and she’s gained control of her powers this time, helping the X-Men take down Onslaught and return Professor Xavier to his original body while Magneto recovers.

X-Men Onslaught
X-Men Onslaught

Now that Bolivar Trask, played by Peter Dinklage, has come along and the Sentinels have been made public, we might even see Apocalypse in a future film as Trask’s son resumes control of the mutant hunters to take down the ancient mutant threat to humanity.

Several first class X-Men films may be possible now with the characters who have appeared so far.