One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Vomits During Charity Soccer Match

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson was hit so hard during a recent charity soccer match that he vomited on the sidelines.

The singer decided to lend a helping hand to a children’s hospice by playing for the Doncaster Rovers in a friendly game of soccer. Unfortunately, Tomlinson discovered how rough things can get when you’re on the field with a group of professional athletes.

Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor tackled the One Direction singer during the match, a hit that left Louis Tomlinson a little worse for wear. Although Agbonlahor gave the poor guy a friendly pat on the head after the tackle, it’s obvious from the video that the singer was in a fair amount of pain.

However, things didn’t get better when he finally reached the sidelines. According to the Guardian, Tomlinson was so banged up that he promptly vomited after leaving the field.

Not surprisingly, One Direction fans weren’t impressed with Gabriel Agbonlahor’s behavior at the charity soccer match. It didn’t take long for angry Tomlinson supporters to issue a series of hateful tweets and death threats towards the athlete following the game.

According to BBC News, Agbonlahor intends to apologize for roughing up the singer during the match. The professional soccer player insisted that tackling Tomlinson was just “one of those things.”

“I’ll apologize to Louis when we meet up. I know he enjoyed playing in the game and it’s fantastic that he took time out to be here,” he explained.

You can check out video of the situation below. Although you can’t see Tomlinson vomit in the clip, it’s obvious that the guy is a little shaken up by the tackle.

Are you a fan of One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson? What do you think about the singer getting hit by Gabriel Agbonlahor during a recent charity soccer match?

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