Keyshia Cole Apologizes To Michelle Williams… Kind Of

Keyshia Cole has apologized to Michelle Williams for comments she made about the former Destiny’s Child member back in February. Well, kind of apologized, since Cole asked Williams to admit that she started the Twitter fight.

When Williams performed during the Super Bowl halftime show with bandmates Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, Cole tweeted for Beyonce to, “f**k that s**t up.” When it was Williams’ turn to perform she wrote, “Michell [sic] always f***n the groove up.” She went on to say that Williams was “wack” and always has been.

A couple of days later, the “Woman-To-Woman” singer explained that Williams actually started things when she commented on Cole’s Soul Train Awards performance. Cole said it was “open season” to state her feelings about Williams.

Michelle Williams didn’t directly respond to Keyshia Cole, instead writing on her Facebook page, “It was an honor to share the stage with my sisters Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé on Sunday night. To all my ladies, we must learn to stick together and support each other.”

Williams went on HuffPost Live Friday and host Marc Lamont Hill said he received a number of messages telling him to ask about Cole. Williams said maybe she needed to “get free from” trying to please people and wanting to live in a utopia. She said that she likes to get understanding and clarity if someone feels that she has offended them, and said she wanted to have that moment with anyone she may have wronged.

In a radio interview with Philly’s Hot 107.9 PMSMorning Show, Williams said,“I don’t even do twitter beef. Can’t wait to see [Keyshia Cole] in person so we can talk and say, ‘Hey, what happened?'” She went on to say that she didn’t write the tweet Cole referred to, and said she was a “major fan of hers.”

Cole must have heard the interview, because she wrote Sunday:

Keyshia Cole tweet to Michelle Williams

Williams responded with:

Cole wrote back:

Keyshia Cole tweet 2

Michelle Williams has yet to respond, and both of Keyshia Cole’s tweets have since been deleted.