Big Brother Update: McCrae Earns Big Win, Foils ‘Exterminators’ [Spoilers]

Big Brother is down into the home stretch, and the best laid plans of the final alliance known as The Exterminators may have just gotten blown up.

After ousting Amanda and then Elissa during a dramatic double eviction night on Thursday, the final alliance of Andy, Spencer, Judd, and GinaMarie was sitting pretty. The makeshift alliance known as The Exterminators had just knocked off each of their three targets for eviction, and Amanda’s lovelorn boyfriend McCrae was the only one left to eliminate before they would be forced to turn on one another.

In fact, going into the double eviction all they needed to do to get rid of McCrae was prevent him from winning consecutive competitions (either Head of Household or Power of Veto) in the next two weeks and he would be packing.


But The Exterminators failed on both fronts. McCrae won the Head of Household on the back end of the live eviction episode, ousting Elissa after he was fooled by Andy into believing she had double crossed him and voted out Amanda (Andy may not be the strongest player, but he’s pretty darn good at lying). Then, after Spencer won Head of Household and nominated McCrae, the 24-year-old pizza delivery boy slipped out of danger by winning the Power of Veto.

With McCrae going off the block, The Exterminators will be forced to evict one of their own, and it sounds like GinaMarie will be the target.

The consecutive wins have sparked an unlikely run by McCrae. He and Amanda were once the power couple in the house, heading up a large alliance and pulling the strings on nearly every Head of Household. But when things fell they fell fast, and suddenly the pair became the biggest target in the house.

Amanda nearly avoided eviction by convincing her bitter enemy Elissa that it was in her best interest to keep Amanda (and it was actually a pretty good argument for the friend-less Elissa, and would have worked were it not for Andy’s weasel-y strategy).

There are only a few days remaining in Big Brother now, with evictions both on Wednesday and Thursday to lead into the Final 3. All McCrae has to do to make it through is win something on Thursday, be it Head of Household or Power of Veto. Should he somehow make it through, it would be one of the most unlikely runs in Big Brother history.