Big Brother Update: Amanda May Be Saved By Unlikely Ally [Spoilers]

Big Brother is a game that can turn on a dime, and for Amanda that is exactly what happened this week.

After virtually running the game for weeks with her in-house boyfriend McCrae, Amanda found herself in the crosshairs of all of the game’s other players. Fed up with how she was controlling nominations and bullying houseguests into doing her bidding, they finally revolted and GinaMarie put Amanda and McCrae up for eviction.

That’s where things started to get strange. McCrae won the Power of Veto, taking himself off the block and forcing GinaMarie to put up Spencer as a replacement. Things seemed bleak for Amanda, who was almost certainly headed for eviction and the Big Brother jury house.

But then she gained an unlikely ally — Elissa. The same Elissa who Amanda loathed, the one Amanda tormented for days, looked to be coming to her aid.

It started when Elissa and McCrae shared some bonding moments in the backyard, talking about their love of the game and predicting what competitions might come next. They came to realize that the best chance they have is with each other, even though they had been de-facto enemies due to Amanda’s hatred of Elissa.

This gave Elissa the idea to work with Amanda and McCrae, using her vote to save Amanda instead and creating a strong three-person alliance going into the final 6.

But there’s a problem with their plan. Andy, who has claimed to be working with Amanda and McCrae the entire time, is actually planning to cross Amanda and vote her out. He believes his vote to evict Amanda will be blamed on Elissa, breaking the trust between her and McCrae and separating the players.

There is still one day until Thursday’s live double eviction, and as viewers found out this year Big Brother can very quickly. It may not be known if Amanda is truly leaving until viewers watch the votes tallied live.