Big Brother Update: Amanda May Have Her Days Numbered [Spoilers]

Big Brother has been Amanda Zuckerman’s game so far, but that appears to have changed as the tides in the house have shifted.

For the first several weeks of the CBS reality show, Amanda and her in-house boyfriend McRae have called the shots in the house, manipulating other houseguests to do their bidding. The power couple amassed a number of loyal followers in the house, allowing them to control the votes even when they were not Head of Household.

But that seems to have changed. (WARNING: Spoilers ahead)

After Aaryn was evicted on Thursday night, GinaMarie outlasted the other housemates in the Head of Household competition. GM, as she’s known to other houseguests, had been a sometimes ally of Amanda throughout the game, so naturally Amanda assumed she could goad Gina into putting up her nemesis Elissa on the block.

But behind the scenes, the players who had been Amanda’s minions staged a revolt, deciding that this was the week to put up Amanda and her “showmance” McRae.

GinaMarie completed the task on Friday evening, when she nominated McRae and a stunned Amanda for eviction.

The nomination shocked Amanda, who spent the next several minutes crying and attacking her fellow housemates. Though GinaMarie and the other four houseguests not nominated all agreed to target the power couple, Amanda seemed to think that Elissa was the main one behind it.

“You listened to a girl who is bats**t crazy!” Amanda yelled to GinaMarie. “You let her win! She won!”

For Big Brother fans who may have missed the last week, Amanda went on the warpath while Elissa was Head of Household. She mocked Elissa continually, threatened her, and even messed with some of her belongings. The childish tantrums continued early Friday, when houseguests had to clean up after a game within the game left confetti and balloons strewn across the house.

Amanda took the opportunity to collect a pile of the garbage and leave it inside Elissa’s bag of clothes, an act she later bragged about to McRae.

But the Big Brother house can turn quickly, as Amanda is now finding out. Barring another big shift, either she or McRae will be going home on Thursday.

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