107-Year-Old Man Killed During Shootout With SWAT Team [Video]

A 107-year-old man was killed this weekend during a shootout with SWAT officers.

CNN reports that officers were called to a home in Pine Bluff, Arkansas to investigate a report of aggravated assault. When officers arrived they found two victims at the home who told them that 107-year-old Monroe Isadore was hiding in the bedroom.

Lt. David E. Price said: “When they arrived, they were able to determine that an aggravated assault had occurred against two people at the residence.”

Officers approached the bedroom and identified themselves to the suspect. According to Lt. David E. Price, Isadore then fired his weapon through the bedroom door.

No officers were hurt in the incident.

Police waited outside of the bedroom and tried to negotiate with the suspect. When negotiations proved unsuccessful the SWAT team was called to the home in Arkansas.

The SWAT officers were able to get a camera inside the room to confirm that Isadore had a weapon. They then used gas to force the man to leave the room. But instead of leaving, Isadore started shooting at the SWAT officers.

The officers returned fire and the 107-year-old man was shot and killed.

Here’s a video about the incident in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

CNN notes that reaching the age of 100 in the United States is a relatively rare feat. In 2010, only 53,000 people were living beyond the age of 100. Only 8% of that number were above the age of 104.