Princess Diana Biopic Trashed By British Critics

The new Princess Diana biopic starring actress Naomi Watts has been vigorously attacked by British critics.

The film debuted in London on Thursday and focuses Oliver Herschbiegel’s take on the Princess of Wales’ love affair with Dr. Hasnat Khan.

A critic for U.K.’s Mirror calls the new biopic cheap” and “cheerless” and noted that the script is just plain “embarrassing.”

That critic says Naomi Watts, 44, isn’t to blame for a rather bad turn as the beloved British figure. The Sunday Times agrees, noting:

“Even when these lines are delivered by the fragrant Naomi Watts, doing her level best with a squirmingly embarrassing script, this film is still atrocious and intrusive.”

In the Mirror, the critic writes that the film created an atmosphere “even Bridget Jones would cross the street to avoid.”

While several critics didn’t hate the film, their praise fell almost squarely on Naomi Watts and her performance as Princess Diana.

In the Guardian, the reviewer further pans the film:

“The awful truth is that, 16 years after that terrible day in 1997, Diana has died another awful death.”

London’s Evening Standard adds:

“If you do as the director asks, and check your baggage in before watching it – ignore the rows over authenticity and some inaccuracies-and see it for what it is, you will not be disappointed.”

Even with that bad review, we end with this thought:

“The Oscar-nominated Watts gives a brilliant, passionate and believable performance as the tragic Diana.”

In the meantime, the Royal Family has said repeatedly that they have no plans to see the film, inaccurate or not.

Do you think it was inevitable that British critics would universally pan a Princess Diana biopic?