Kristin Cavallari Arrested, Posted Bail For Driving In Illinois With A CA License

Kristin Cavallari arrested? People are already commenting how odd it was for Kristin Cavallari to be forced to post bail considering the circumstances.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kristin Cavallari married Jay Cutler this summer.

Any marital bliss was probably cut short when we saw Kristin Cavallari arrested and forced to post bail. Jay cutler and Kristin Cavallari moved into a new Chicago home just recently. But apparently they’ve been living in Illinois for at least 90 days because Illinois laws require all drivers to get an Illinois drivers license after living in the state for that long.

But Kristin Cavallari has a California drivers license and California doesn’t participate in cooperative agreements with other states for drivers licenses. In any case Kristin Cavallari says she hasn’t broken any local laws because she still owns an apartment in Los Angeles so she’s legally still a resident of California.

Also, technically the police officer did not see Kristin Cavallari arrested for her crime, although she was forced to follow the officer to the police station in order to post a $150 jail bond. Kristin Cavallari’s speeding ticket fine was $120. There’s no word on how fast she was going but the police officer stopped while driving into the suburb of Evanston at 11:50 AM on Friday.