iPhone 5S Rumors: Fingerprint Sensor Revealed

Despite being just a few days away from the official iPhone 5S--and presumably the iPhone 5C--launch, rumors are still coming out regarding both devices. For months, one of the major iPhone 5S rumors has been that it would include a fingerprint sensor, but it seems as though we now have proof of that.

Packaging for the iPhone 5S has leaked from a Chinese website called C Technology. On the front of the box, a silver ring can be seen around the home button, which according to rumors would be a sign of a fingerprint sensor.

Other images of the internal sensor itself came out earlier this week, but this is the first time that we are seeing how the whole device looks when put together. Even though Chinese sources can be hit or miss with their information, this iPhone 5S rumor makes a lot of sense.

Plus, with a reveal just three days away, Apple would likely be revealing packaging to far more people at this point in time. The technology giant is expected to release the device just one week after the September 10 announcement, so retailers are already gearing up to sell it.

Some people have gone as far as to use the Apple event invitation as a sign that there would be a fingerprint sensor included, but that is stretching it.

Chinese carriers including China Telecom and China Mobile accidentally released pre-order information for the iPhone 5S but the posts were quickly taken down.

iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor rumorsThis expansion into China is actually quite exciting as it will be the first time that China Mobile--the country's largest carrier--will offer an iPhone on their network.

Expect a whole slew of information to come out in the next couple of days, and especially on Sept. 10 when Apple finally announces the iPhone 5S and all of its features.

Image: CTech