Darth Vader, Riding A Unicycle, Playing Flaming Bagpipes, Because Why Not [Video]

One last viral video before quitting time this Friday, September 6, 2013: Darth Vader, riding a unicycle, playing flaming bagpipes.

This odd, nerdy and strangely delightful combination comes courtesy of Brian Kidd, a Portland native also known by residents as “The Unipiper.”

Though Oregon residents have long been fascinated (or confused) by him, a video of Kidd doing his thing went viral a year ago, and that’s how the rest of the world learned of him. He has also made appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Good Morning America, solidifying his place in the American zeitgeist.

He has since added a few things to his act. Well, just one: Flaming bagpipes.

That’s the subject of the viral video we’re looking at today. In it, Kidd rides around on his unicycle playing the Star Wars theme on his bagpipes which spew glorious plumes of flame behind him. Pretty self-explanatory.

If you’d like to donate to The Unipiper’s cause, you can do so at his official website here. You can also use his site to book him for appearances.

Otherwise, watch his video above. It’s going viral today with roughly 30,000 views on YouTube so far. What do you think of The Unipiper’s Darth Vader on a unicycle playing flaming bagpipes act? We’re between two YouTubers right now:

“Unicycling Darth Vader with Flaming Bagpipes Your Argument is Invalid!” wrote one.

“Well then, that’s enough internet for today,” said the other.