Twerking Fail: Sexy Dance Starts A Fire In Hilarious Video

Sometimes it just doesn’t twerk out. An epic twerking fail involving a broken table, candles, and a pair of hot yoga pants has gone viral this week.

The girl in the video hasn’t been identified yet and she probably won’t be coming forward anytime soon.

Why? Well, the video is pretty embarrassing.

The Social News Daily guesses that the girl in the video is a college student doing a paper on Murphy’s Law. For her senior thesis, she decided to conduct a twerking experiment to prove that “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

If that happens to be the case the anonymous girl in this video deserves her doctorate.

The video shows the anonymous girl twerking around her apartment. There are some candles lit on the table and it appears like the girl is completely alone at her house.

What could go wrong?

Well, as Murphy’s law states: Everything.

The epic twerking fail video has been removed from YouTube but there is still a hilarious gif making its way around the internet. It comes complete with upside down twerking, unexpected guests, and a pair of flammable yoga pants.



Twerking has skyrocketed in popularity since Miley Cyrus did the ridiculous dance at the VMAs this year. There are “How To” videos on YouTube and the word “Twerk” has even been added to the Oxford Dictionary.

So what’s next in the twerking revolution? A cautionary sign. WARNING: Twerking may cause embarrassment, shame, and hot flashes.