100-Vehicle Crash Yields Injuries, No Fatalities [Video]

A 100-vehicle crash in England yesterday left at least 60 people injured. Despite the severity of the massive accident, there were no fatalities.

Five people were seriously hurt and more than 30 people were taken to the hospital. Up to 120 others were reportedly among the walking wounded.

About 130 vehicles were involved in the crash, which happened amid thick fog during England’s morning commute, reports Kent Online.

The pile-up occurred on the Sheppey Crossing. Witnesses to the massive accident blamed it on speeding drivers making their way through dangerous fog. Many of them had no lights on, according to reports.

One driver added that some of them were “driving like idiots” on the two-lane road, despite he fog. Firefighters were forced to cut five people out of their vehicles after the accident, which happened around 7:15 am local time.

The mangled wreckage of the 100-vehicle crash was seen strewn across the road in several photos taken at the scene. The Irish Times notes that one driver involved in the morning wreck praised the actions of a trucker who used his vehicle to block the bridge’s entrance. The action stopped more cars from piling into the already massive accident.

The motorist involved added that his actions “probably saved lives.” He added, “Whoever that guy is I’d like to shake his hand because he’s probably saved lives today.”

Cars, semis, and even a car transporter were seen in videos and photos of the accident. Martin Stammers, who witnessed the incident, recalled hearing cars crashing together. He added, “It’s horrific. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.” Sounds of screeching tires and thuds were heard almost continuously for about 10 minutes.

Some of the vehicles involved had minor scrapes, while others appeared completely mangled. About 200 people were assessed at the scene, where 30 medical vehicles tended to them.

The 100-vehicle crash is one of the worst accidents in England in the past 20 years.

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