Big Brother Racist Aaryn Gries Wasn’t Sincere In Apology, Says Host

Chen read back the low-lights to Gries, confronting her with some of her most offensive material throughout the season. Gries seemed surprised, but said that she didn’t mean to offend with her comments.

“Being Southern, it’s a stereotype. I have said some things that have been taken completely out of context and wrong. I don’t mean to ever come off racist. That’s not me and I apologize to anyone that I have offended.”

She also said that she didn’t remember saying any of those things, which resulted in boos from the studio audience.

Of course, Gries is still part of Big Brother, and is unaware of how we all feel about her out here. Chen told David Letterman Tuesday that she doubts public perception of her will improve after her apology.

“She seemed dumbfounded by her own words. I do applaud the fact that she said ‘I’m sorry if I offended anyone.’ But then she talked out of the other side of her mouth, and she said, ‘But.’ Any time you apologize and there’s a ‘but,’ to me it’s not a real apology.”

Additionally, Chen doesn’t think that Gries speaks for the state of Texas, even though that was her excuse.

“She tried to justify it, and she said, ‘But I’m from Texas, and that’s just how we talk.’ And I thought, ‘The one base you have, you just offended another huge group of people. Guess what? Not everyone from Texas talks like that.”

What do you think will happen when Big Brother‘s Aaryn Gries comes back to the real world?