Big Brother Racism Left CBS President ‘Appalled’

CBS’ top boss was left “absolutely appalled” by the racist and homophobic attitudes present on this season of Big Brother.

CBS President Les Moonves said at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour Monday that he watches every episode of Big Brother. Fun fact: Big Brother’s host, Julie Chen, is Moonves’ wife.

“Obviously my wife would kill me if I didn’t,” he joked.

He then added that he was aware of some of the racist and homophobic comments made by some Big Brother 15 contestants.

” ‘Big Brother’ obviously is a social experiment. It always was,” he said. “Clearly that’s what’s happening this year.”

“I find some of the behavior absolutely appalling,” he admitted, but as offensive as some of the cast member comments are, Moonves says they are a “reflection of the way some people feel in America.”

Unfortunately, the racist attitudes in the Big Brother 15 house are still as alive as ever. Aaryn Gries, arguably BB 15’s most racist housemate, apologized to her roomies recently for her offensive comments. But that didn’t stop her from continuing her random racist tirades, as evidenced by the July 28 episode.

While touting her head of Household grab bag, Gries pointed out some snacks and said “I axed… I asked for it.” She then turned to African American housemate Candice and said “You’ve got me saying axed!”

Candice later said, “I know how to talk. Clearly, that’s a dialect thing. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this week.”

Good luck, kiddo.

Are you “appalled” by the racism in the Big Brother 15 house?

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