Wally Bayola Taking A Break From ‘Eat Bulaga’ Amid Sex Tape Scandal

Wally Bayola is taking a break from his popular television program Eat Bulaga after a sex scandal involving his co-star.

The popular Filipino comedian was featured in a sex tape allegedly showing him with co-star Yoshika “Yosh” Rivera. The video has created an uproar in the Philippines and threatens to sink Bayola’s career.

As the scandal heats up, it appears Wally Bayola is trying to avoid the spotlight for a bit. He will be taking an indefinite leave from Eat Bulaga, said Malou Choa-Fagar, the comedian’s business manager.

The show’s executive have denied that Bayola is off the show for good, however.

“Not true,” Malou Fagar, executive producer of Eat Bulaga, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer after reports that Bayola had been fired.

But the Wally Bayola scandal could threaten more than just the comedian’s airtime. The Family Code of the Philippines says that concubinage could bring him a four-year prison sentence, though experts say the charge may be difficult to hold up in court.

Those who have seen the video say the male star of the tryst looks undoubtedly like Wally Bayola. He even makes the comedian’s trademark “pa-pogi” sign at the end of the encounter. Bayola’s fans have been left to wonder why he would film the extramarital affair, and how the tape could have been leaked.

The scandal is reminiscent of another recent incident in the Philippines. Wally’s comedy partner, Jose Manalo, was accused by his wife of cheating and himself could face concubinage charges. Popular Filipino singer Chito Miranda was also the subject of a released sex tape, though his partner apologized via Instagram and that scandal has since died down.

It’s unknown how long the sex tape scandal could keep Wally Bayola away from Eat Bulaga.

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