Wally Bayola Scandal: Filipino Comedian Could Face Prison For Sex Tape

Wally Bayola has been caught up in a sex tape scandal that could sink his career and even send the Filipino comedian to prison.

The comedian and host of the top noontime program Eat Bulaga! saw a video released online that purports to show him in a tryst with co-star Yoshika “Yosh” Rivera.

But Wally Bayola may be in for more than just a run of the mill sex tape scandal. The Family Code of the Philippines says that concubinage carries a four-year prison sentence, though experts say it may be difficult to prove that’s exactly what’s shown on the tape.

Wally’s comedy partner, Jose Manalo, has been through a similar ordeal. Jose’s wife accused him of concubinage, though she did not have the same kind of damning evidence available in Wally’s case. Experts say Wally’s wife may be able to go a step further, accusing him with the much broader and easier to prove violence against women and children charge.

There is little doubt what it on the video. The alleged image shows Wally’s face as he fixes the camera for a better view of the act. At the end he again looks at the camera, smiles, and kisses his partner. The comedian reportedly finishes up by making the “pa-pogi” sign that Wally has made famous.

The incident is the second high-profile sex tape scandal to hit the Philippines in recent days. Last month singer-songwriter Chito Miranda saw a private tape of his encounter with girlfriend Neri Naig leak to the public. Naig later apologized on her Instagram account, and the scandal has since fizzle out.

But the Wally Bayola video and the ensuing scandal seem particularly perplexing to the comedian’s fans. If that really is Wally on the video — and those who have seen it say it most definitely looks like him — why would he make it, and who allowed it to leak? Those are questions that may end up being answered in court.