Kelly Ripa Gets Haircut, Like The Rachel Of 2013

Have you seen Kelly Ripa rocking an edgy new bob on her morning show?

Normally when a celeb like Kelly Ripa happens upon a hot new do, it inspires copycats. But Ripa’s sleek bobbed cut is making bigger waves and possibly solidifying a bob trend.

Yesterday, Kelly debuted her fall hair makeover, tweeting to fans:

“Back in the saddle … with a new cut!”

OnLive With Kelly and Michael, Ripa indeed showed off a new cut, and the buzz was instant.

While long hair is always a fave, Kelly’s blunt, angled bob made a huge impression, and fans were instantly admiring of her new look — except one fan.

Ripa says her mom rejected the new look sight unseen, quoting her as saying:

“She goes, ‘I don’t need to see it to know I don’t like it. You know I’m a long-hair girl.’ “

Kelly Ripa’s hair and the attention it’s garnered hasn’t escaped the morning show host, who has since talked a bit about her new ‘do on Twitter.

While everyone is looking enviously at her sleek new cut, Ripa has a celebrity adoration tale all her own when it comes to bob-spiration.

Kelly says while fans may ask for a “Kelly Ripa bob,” she has her own famous hair idols, and she tweeted:

What do you think of Kelly Ripa’s new look? Are you loving the bob, or do you have more of an attachment to long hair styles no matter how awesome it looks?