Dreadlocks: School Sends Child Home For ‘Distracting’ Hairstyle

Jennifer Deutschmann - Author

Nov. 3 2016, Updated 6:52 a.m. ET

A dreadlocks hairstyle caused quite a disturbance at an Oklahoma school. Tiana Parker, age 7, was asked to leave Deborah Brown Community School for violating school policy. The policy bans “faddish” hairstyles.

Tiana’s father Terrance is a hairstylist. He contends that his daughter’s hair was “always presentable.” He says he is proud of his children’s appearance.

As reported by Fox 23 News, Tiana was a student at the community charter school for over a year. She wore the same hairstyle last year, and was never reprimanded. This year, something changed.

When Tiana returned to begin the new school year, she was told that her dreadlocks were unacceptable. Tiana left the school in tears.

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Terrance contacted school administrators about the issue. As reported by News One, school officials informed him that his daughter’s dreadlocks were a distraction to other students. He was told that his daughter could not return to school until her hair was “presentable.”

Representatives with the charter school contend that the family was aware of the school’s dress code policy. The Deborah Brown Community School handbook states that any dress code violation will result in the child being sent home.

The section on hairstyles states that “dreadlocks, afros, and other faddish styles, are unacceptable… girls’ weaved hair should be no longer than shoulder length.”

Terrance cannot understand why his daughter’s hair was suddenly and issue this school year. Unable to reach an agreement with school officials, Terrance removed his daughter from the school.

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Terrance and Tiana feel they were unfairly judged and harassed over a harmless hairstyle. Terrance says the entire incident “hurt [his] feelings to the core.”

Tiana is now enrolled in a new school. Her father says she has adjusted well to the change, and continues to excel academically. Tiana’s new school does not have any problem her dreadlocks.

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