Bride’s Father Chokes To Death At Wedding Reception

The father of the bride tragically died at a wedding reception in Kent, England, when he choked to death on some food.

This sad incident occurred at a 14 century castle that had been rented for the ceremony and the subsequent celebration.

Jagan Babwah, a 73-year-old cab driver, began choking on a piece of lamb shortly after the meal began. Guests took him to another room and attempted the Heimlich maneuver to no avail, and he was tragically pronounced dead when paramedics arrived.

The incident occurred on May 31, but a formal hearing into the death occurred late last week. Babwaw’s son testified at the inquest that “he saw his dad was choking on food and handed him a glass of water, but that he collapsed soon after and the emergency services were called.”

The UK Mirror reports that the the man suffered cardiac arrest.

According to media accounts, the bride decided to continue with the festivities with some 160 guests in attendance “as her father would have been angry if they had stopped because of his death.” Bride Carmela Taylor said that “It would have been what Dad wanted. We have been planning the wedding for two-and-a-half years and he was forever talking about it.” Her brother agreed: “Dad would have been angry if he thought his daughter’s wedding was cancelled because of him. His family meant everything to him.” The proud father of the bride would never get the opportunity to give his weeding speech.

The Daily Mail claims that “[the bride] her father had been thrilled as, wearing a three-piece suit for the first time, he had escorted her in a white Rolls-Royce to the ceremony and gave her away to new husband.”

The medical examiner ruled that it was an accidental death caused by the inhalation of food.

[image via Shutterstock]