Samsung Galaxy Gear VS The Qualcomm Toq

Two major electronics companies announced smartwatches earlier today in separate events. One of the companies was Samsung which did not come as a surprise considering the rumors surrounding their Galaxy Gear smartwatch prior to the event.

However, the other company to announce a new smartwatch is Qualcomm who normally works behind the scenes creating processors for mobile devices. Their smartwatch, the Toq features many of the same abilities as previous smartwatches but adds its own twist which may allow it to actually be successful upon release.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Vs The Toq

Right now we are only able to go off of the announcement details for both devices, but the features that were mentioned during each smartwatch event paint a clear picture as to what makes each one special.

For the Samsung Galaxy Gear, not much is different in terms of design or basic features from a device such as the Pebble. However, the Galaxy Gear does allow people to use their voice to carry out various commands including sending an email, text message, or other update.

The voice features are cool but as we have seen with service such as Siri, most people do not like to talk to their devices while in public. Outside of the voice features, the Samsung Galaxy Gear also features “Smart Relay” which allows you to open up whatever was being viewed on the smartwatch on your phone.

On the other hand, we have the Qualcomm Toq which actually looks and sounds a bit more unique than the Galaxy Gear. First of all, the Toq will be using a new type of screen called Mirasol which allows the device to work well in well-light areas.

The battery life is also expected to be quite high compared to other smartphones with Qualcomm stating that the Toq will last for five days, plus it supports wireless charging.

Both the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Qualcomm Toq should retail at $300. If you really love pure functionality and design, the Toq will likely be for you but if you love the Galaxy eco system, go with Samsung’s smartwatch.

What do you think? From first glance, does the Galaxy Gear or the Toq look like it will be a better device?

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