Apple’s iWatch Shows Off Sleek Design

Telling time just became infinitely cooler. While many people are taking to their cellphone’s digital clocks to tell time, some people still rely on the old wrist watch to get them through the day. Apple, not a company to glaze over the details in someone’s life, has designed a new wrist watch that makes telling time look extremely stylish.

Using its signature minimalistic approach, a team of IT engineers and designers presented a first look at their conceptual design for the iWatch.

The design team went for a modern approach, which matches all of their products like the iMac, iPod, and iPhone. While it’s design certainly looks cool, is it comfortable to wear? That’s the huge question that comes to mind. You want a watch that will adhere to your skin, but will give a little breathing room. Upon first look the iWatch’s design looks a bit clunky, which may prove to be uncomfortable.

Luckily for Apple this is only a prototype for their iWatch. In fact, Apple is still in the beginning stages, as they’re just starting to hire a team of designers and engineers to work on their new watch. On its team is fitness consultant Jay Blahnik, who is known for his work on Nike’s FuelBand, so it looks like the watch may get a bit of a bump in comfort.

The best thing about the iWatch is that it’s not forgetting about its interface The watch runs on iOS7 within the screen, and is said to come in both black and white for those who want to change-up the variety.

Of course Apple isn’t the only company that has been experimenting in wrist devices, there are plenty out there that implement work out structures. In addition Samsung’s Galaxy Gear has a smart watch that comes in a myriad of colors too.

Look like the iWatch may be the unexpected hit of the new quarter.

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