Samsung Smart Watch: Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Compared To Apple iWatch

The Samsung smart watch is called the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and it’s already being compared to the Apple iWatch.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch had some its features leaked before today.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will include a 1.63 inc screen, a 4-megapixel camera in the strap, a WiFi radio, speakers, and a microphone. The Samsung smart watch is capable of making phone calls, surfing the Web, and taking videos. Samsung says the Galaxy Gear will be available in six colors, including orange, gold, and lime green.

The technical details for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch are pretty impressive considering its small size. The Samsung smart watch weighs only 2.6 ounces but comes packed with 4 gigabytes of internal memory as well as 512MB of RAM.

So how do you use the Samsung smart watch? The Galaxy Gear is intended to work alongside Android smartphones and augment their existing functionality through a wireless Bluetooth connection. Smart watches allow you to answer phones, check email, and take pictures more quickly. The Samsung Galaxy Gear also include 70 apps including a fitness tracker.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch will go on sale for $299 on September 25.

Samsung Galaxy Gear vs Apple iWatch

So how does the Samsung Galaxy Gear compare against the Apple iWatch? The Samsung smart watch look more like a traditional watch design while the Apple iWatch is sleeker, almost a fashion statement in comparison.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch vs Apple iWatch

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch is launching ahead of the Apple iWatch experts seem to think Apple will have the headstart:

“We expect Samsung Galaxy Gear to sell reasonably well, but it is most likely to be Apple that catalyzes the smartwatch industry. Apple should be able to blend the iWatch into its iOS ecosystem in a much tighter way than the fragmented Android community.”

Do you prefer the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch or the Apple iWatch design?