Daniel Clavin Has Had Hiccups For 14 Months

Daniel Clavin, a software worker living in County Roscommon, Ireland, has had the hiccups for a while now, 14 months to be exact, and he says they have been taking over his life.

According to International Science Times, Clavin had gone out for a night of drinking and woke up with a nasty case of the hiccups after a hangover.

The Telegraph reported that Clavin’s hiccups get so bad at times, he passes out or the hiccups keep him awake for hours at a time.

International Science Times stated that Clavin has undergone a wide variety of medical treatments to try and end his misery.

“He’s had a cat scan, two endoscopies, altered his diet and has gone to a chiropractor. Clavin has also tried every old wives’ tale remedy for hiccups, including spoonfuls of sugar, getting scared and drinking through a straw, all to no avail.”

“They’ve taken over my life,” Clavin said. “I’ve no idea why they started — I’d had more to drink than I had for some time but it was nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual mix of beer and spirits.”

He added, “There are times when I can’t breathe for 30 seconds because they lock up my diaphragm. Nights are bad and sometimes I wake up and the whole bed is shaking because they are so violent and I’ll go to sleep in a different room so Susan (his wife) can get some rest.”

According to Yahoo!, Clavin has learned to control them to some extent, saying he’s learned to “disguise them and hiccup quietly,” but as soon as he forgets about them, they start sounding once more.

“People find it quite funny when they first meet me but then it becomes quite annoying for someone to have to listen to.”

Hiccups for five to 10 minutes can drive anyone insane. Daniel Clavin’s case is one that isn’t just annoying, but becoming an interference in his life.

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