Drunk Unemployed Wasps Threat Increased

Drunk and unemployed wasps are set to attack residents of the United Kingdom in record numbers.

The British Red Cross have even sought to address the risk by releasing a statement warning people of these dangers.

Environmental officials have revealed that wasp queens are now fully stocked up on nectar, which has left worker wasps with nothing but time on their hands.

This means that they are now whittling away the hours by getting drunk on fermenting fruit while simply relaxing in the sun. Officials also added that as they grow older; all of the worker wasps will die by winter, the insects are now becoming a lot angrier and bolder.

Great Britain has also experienced a longer, colder winter as well as a late spring, which means that many more wasps are currently in the air than was previously expected.

Wasp experts have revealed that millions of the insects have come out of their nests almost a month later than thought because of this undisturbed hibernation.

Joe Mulligan, the head of first aid at the Red Cross, revealed, “It’s hilarious that, now worker wasps have finished their life’s work, all they are doing now is feasting on fermented fruit and getting ‘drunk’.”

He then added, “The danger for humans of course is that they may get a bit bold and attack us while we are out having a barbecue in the garden, sun bathing in the park or innocently going our merry way.”

Discussing ways to stave off such attacks, Mr Mulligan added, “When an insect sting sting is visible on the skin, a credit card can be used to scrape it away. Using the edge of the credit card, drag it along the skin. This will remove the sting.”

Have you encountered any drunk or jobless wasps this summer?

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