‘The Flash’ TV Series Currently Eyeing ‘Many Fantastic Actors’

The CW is currently eyeing quite a few “fantastic actors” for the lead role in The Flash.

Before the characters gets his own show, the folks at the network are giving the guy a test run on another CW program. The Flash will reportedly appear in a handful of episodes on this season of Arrow.

If fans response positively to the character and his plight, then the network intends to create a full-blown series around the superhero’s many adventures. However, the first order of business is to actually find someone to tackle the role.

“It’s been a really exciting process just getting to meet so many fantastic actors and seeing the enthusiasm that so many people have for the character,” Arrow co-creator Andrew Kreisberg recently told Entertainment Weekly.

The CW only has a limited amount of time to find someone to portray The Flash. Since the episodes featuring the superhero are currently scheduled to begin filming at the end of the month, producers can’t afford to be incredibly picky.

CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed rumors about The Flash during his appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour over the summer. Pedowitz also stated that the network intended to familiarize viewers with the character through his stint on Arrow.

“We plan to introduce a recurring character and an origin story for Dr. Barry Allen, who you know as The Flash. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully it will go well. We do want to expand upon the DC universe. We think that there are rich characters that we can use and we thought this was a very organic way to get there,” he explained during the event.

If all goes according to the CW’s master plan, then The Flash could get his own series at some point during 2014. The Arrow episodes featuring the comic book character should air early next year.