Marijuana Grower Killed By Their Own Booby Trap

A marijuana grower in upstate New york was killed this week after he walked into his own booby trap.

Daniel Ricketts, 50, was killed and nearly decapitated after he drove his quad bike into a thin piano wire he had strung around his plantation in Berne, Albany County.

Ricketts had too much to drink and apparently forgot about the trip wire.

When police arrived, they found the marijuana grower and discovered a head that was nearly severed entirely from the body.

It was a group of hikers who discovered the man’s body and then called police.

In searching the man’s property, police also found barbed wire and a leg trap used to catch coyotes. All of the man’s booby traps were centered around four large marijuana plants.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple tells CBS 6 that the hills in the area are often used to hide drug growing operations and other illegal activities.

“They go up there and they’ll grow marijuana on a lot of the state lands. Fortunately hikers, people out and about, neighbors will call us and they’ll tell us,” says Apple.

The marijuana grower’s booby traps and plants have been removed from his property.

Police are still investigating the man’s operations and his gruesome death.