DirecTV Technician Accidentally Sets Family’s Home On Fire

An Ohio family’s holiday weekend was cut short when their home burst into flames while a cable technician was installing DirecTV Monday afternoon.

According to MSN Now, Kendra and Michael Hicks of Union Township, Ohio, say that a DirecTV technician was preparing their home for the installation and he apparently drilled through one of their power lines, starting the fire.

WCPO reported that Kendra and Michael Hicks originally intended to take their children to Coney Island for Labor Day, but their plans changed when they saw smoke filling their home.

“The next thing we knew there was smoke on the roof and flames, it was crazy,” said Kendra.

“I heard a pop noise and then we heard another pop noise, then we saw smoke and my husband was like, ‘Get the kids, get the kids,’ and then the DirecTV guy went around the corner, and said, ‘Do you have a fire extinguisher?’ and that’s the last we heard from him,” said Kendra.

According to WCPO, The Union Township Fire Department said the fire started when the cable technician was drilling through a wall in the garage and then struck a main power line.

The Hicks’ home suffered from minor damages, but the couple was in disbelief because they hadn’t received an apology from the company or the employee.

“He has called once since it happened, and he was trying to give me information, he never really said sorry, we haven’t heard from the DirecTV company itself,” said Kendra.

“I’m upset that the house is damaged, but I’m more upset he didn’t say anything to us,” said Michael.

According to WCPO, the DirecTV technician said the fire was an accident, and that his insurance would take care of the damage.

As of now, the HIcks’ insurance company is handling everything at the current moment after a DirecTV technician set fire to their home.

[photo credit: Cyrus II via photopin cc]