‘Dead Rising 3’ Second Gameplay Trailer Shows Many Ways To Kill A Zombie [Video]

The second Dead Rising 3 gameplay trailer shows us many ways to kill a zombie.

Capcom’s other zombie game series is arriving at launch for Xbox One and promises to keep the humor and variety that the games have been known for as protagonist Nick Ramos goes for broke and kills as many zombies as he can with what he has, and it gets weird.

Dead Rising 3 continues the new trend of crafting weapons in zombie games, something that Dead Island took off with as it went in a new RPG direction, but continues doing what gamers loved about the earlier games with unusual weapons and outfits.

The latest Dead Rising 3 gameplay trailer begins with Nick Ramos standing on top of a wooden dock of sorts, watching the undead swarm in the street below. Then he’s down among them, swinging a heavy wrench with deadly force that translates well in the visuals. Zombies and blood go flying as he swings the blunt weapon.

He is then pulling off the James Bond look, wearing a suit and bowtie as he uses a pistol to shoot his way into a display case with more similar outfits. Then we see him running over the undead as he drives a police car through them, over a bridge and into the main residential area, sirens blaring. Next we see him dressed up as a riot officer, complete with armor, as he fires an automatic weapon into the crowd.

The Dead Rising 3 gameplay trailer gets silly as Nick Ramos dons a bull head and blows fire on the undead around him. Then we get a view of him taking the horde down from a distance with a crossbow firing explosive rounds. Next we see him driving a construction vehicle through the undead, followed by a military vehicle armed with a gun on top.

The silliness continues as we see him in a shark costume riding a motorcycle off a ramp, and then fighting in a suit of medieval armor.

Yes, the humor is back in Dead Rising 3, and its new gameplay trailer gives us several great examples.