‘Rayman Legends’ Launch Trailer Hits, UK PS Vita Version Delayed [Video]

The Rayman Legends launch trailer has hit alongside news that the UK PS Vita version will be delayed.

Rayman Legends is set to hit Europe on Friday this week, with a North America release following on Tuesday next week. UK Rayman Legends fans waiting for it to hit PS Vita will have to wait a little longer, though, to add that “final level of polish gamers expect.” September 13 will be the release date for Rayman Legends’ PS Vita edition in the UK.

Originally planned as a Wii U exclusive, flagging sales of Nintendo’s console made Ubisoft consider the more profitable option of expanding the number of consoles the game would hit, meaning that now the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 will also receive Rayman Legends.

Now the launch trailer has hit for Rayman Legends, so we can get one last peek at the game before we get our hands in it.

The Rayman Legends launch trailer begins with a whistling background track as a whimsical jungle full of weird animals flies by, one appearing to be a large bird holding a cage in its talons. We then see Rayman and his friends chilling out on a random branch when it gets struck, making them all fall to the ground beneath. Rayman gives his frog friend a slow motion high five, and then Rayman begins dancing with a fist pump as we see several backgrounds change around him.

One background is a blue brick castle of sorts with a knight nearby holding a shield made of wood and jutting nails. Another is bright with a garden of flowers, and the next is a shoddy looking wood dock in midair, a gold loop hanging just overhead from a slanted pole with the castle in the distance. Another looks like an underwater scene with a bamboo-like floor, and another seems to made of candy and such.

Rayman is launched from this ever-changing background out of a picture frame and into another one where we see some gameplay action. This Rayman Legends launch trailer will hopefully have you pumped for the game’s release on all current consoles, and the PS Vita September 13.

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